TNPPA Pin Program

TNPPA Pin Program

A new program designed to reward participation and volunteerism annually.  This program is in addition to our degree program, and is designed after pin programs other affiliates are doing.  You earn 10 units a year; you receive a TNPPA pin at our annual award ceremony and banquet.  Speakers will receive an honorary one as well.  You must earn at least one unit in each of the three categories.  Units restart with each calendar year.  Units will be self-recorded and turned in before the awards banquet.





1 unit for attending Spring Workshop

1 unit for attending Fall Convention

1 unit for attending a TNPPA Merit Class




1 unit for participating in Image Competition in Spring (needs to enter at least on image, maximum 1 unit no matter the number of entries.)

1 unit for participating in Collage Competition in Fall (need to enter at least one collage, maximum 1 unit no matter the number of entries.)





In this category you get a unit for each item you help with, no maximum points

1 unit for bringing Hospitality snack

1 unit for helping set up/tear down (you can get a unit for each act, so if you did both, you would get 2)

1 unit for serving on a committee

1 unit for helping with registration

1 unit for helping at TNPPA booth

1 unit for helping with hospitality/parties/ or Auction

1 unit for providing article for newsletter

1 unit for serving on the Board

1 unit for serving as a mentor

1 unit for hosting a speaker

1 unit for passing out door prize tickets

1 unit for participating in webinars

1 unit for any other act of Volunteerism


Ways to earn Pin Units with our Online Workshop and Competition. 



Attend the online Workshop-1 unit (for attending the majority of the Workshop)



Entering our Online Image Competition-1 unit for entering no matter the number of entries)


Volunteerism:  (please let me know if you want to do any of these, )

Helping with the online auction-1 unit

Volunteering to monitor the chat for questions- 1 unit

I would love to fill our breaks with social things,  Looking for volunteers to lead a break, maybe a tutorial, critique, game, discussion, or anything else you can think of, maybe team up with a friend and both get a unit – 1 unit

I would also love to release some short tutorials on our Facebook page.  Looking for a 30 second to 2 minute tutorial.  Something simple and small to spread a little good will in the community.  A written tutorial would also work- 1 unit

Looking for Volunteers to be available to help anyone who’s having issues with signing into our Zoom (would like to have a couple numbers available for anyone to call who is having a hard time signing into our meeting.  To get units, just need to be available for this )- 1 unit




Description of unit earned

Category (Attendance/Competition/