Lin B. Prabish

Fine Art My Way!
Professional Portrait Photographer, Professional Commercial
Photographer, Digital Photographic Artist and Artist since 1975.
Professor of Art and Photography at her local College, which served
as a break from the studio. A teaching get away, that proved
beneficial for her and her students. Married Ben Prabish in January
of 2000 in the “Blue Mountains” of Katoomba, Australia.
In 2000 she became President of APP of Illinois. Following her term
as President she had an accident, which ended her career for 10
Lin’s Award winning photography can be seen around the world in
homes, offices and museums. Her Collector Series and Originals are
created with love, passion and joy.
Photographing with the “Edge of Light”, is her favorite technique.
Using Photoshop, plug-ins and her own “Lins Touch” creation are the
secrets to her finished Art.
Fine Art became a reality during her long recovery period. She
created new goals and decided to start speaking again. Sharing her
knowledge and techniques with others has always been her second
In Lin’s words “Todays World of Art is Amazing! Remember the word
“Art” covers a wide realm of Mediums.”
Lin B. Prabish Artist


Session Goals:

Lin will take you thru the steps of how she creates Fine Art.

She will tear apart the PS steps and any others in her process.

You will be guided thru the legal and just being polite steps.
How you approach people is important, respecting their rights and guarding yours.

Hopefully we will have a Native American for you to photograph,

but this depends on the POW WOW schedule.
You will see before and after product, some on screen and some to touch.

She will review with us the vendors she uses and how she presents her  final product to the public.


Artist Statement

I am a Digital Photographic Artist. I use my imagination and Mother Nature’s natural light to create my finished artwork. Putting my subject in their proper surroundings, no matter how far from home they are, is my goal. Telling their stories with an assortment of my photographs and techniques gives my artwork a painterly and timeless look. Every time I choose a new Series, it becomes a learning and exciting experience. My curiosity has always been huge. I chose to photograph the Native American to learn more about the different tribes in America. My Native American Series, was a way to learn more about our history. Life is good!


Professional Digital Photographic Artist

Professional Artist

Professional Commercial Photographer

Professional Portrait Photographer

Sponsored Photographic Speaker