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Student Member  + $100.00
  This category is for "Full Time" students only. It is designed to assist those who are in school and actively participating in photography classes as a major or a high school student who is interested in photography. Verification of Student ID is required. This category has a two year term. After that, the student would upgrade to the Aspiring category.
Aspiring Member  + $150.00
  An individual who is an amature or hobbyist, wants to achieve to be a Professional Photographer, or has been in business less than two years. Aspiring Membership will have a two year term and then the member will upgrade to Active.
Active Member  + $200.00
  This category is designed for photographers who desire to have full benefits of active membership that live in Tennessee. Photographers who are presently employed either at a studio or a self employed photographer who has been in business more than two years (part-time or full time) start at this level. This category includes amature and Hobbyist who have been aspiring members for their two years limit or desire to have full benefits of active membership.
Studio Member  + $500.00
  This category is designed to offer a studio which has up to three employees who "actively" work within the studio to attend all our events as ACTIVE Members under a "studio package" price. This offers a considerable savings for studios as each member would normally pay full price under an individual membership. This was created to encourage studios to bring their employees to our events and assist in continued photography educational classes for the studio employees as well as the main photographer who owns the studio.
Out of State Member  + $200.00
  This type of membership gives the member all the benefits of active membership except voting and earning state specific awards in competition. It is for Professionals and amateurs who live out of the state of Tennessee.
Senior Active Member  + $25.00
  This is only for members who have been a member of a professional photography association or PPA affiliate organization for at least 25 years as our way of saying thank you to these individuals.
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