Jim Cunningham



Professional Real Estate photography is becoming more relevant as each year passes.  Real Estate agents are realizing that they need professional photography to make their listings stand out above the rest.  How do you make your Real Estate photography stand out?   Jim will guide you through each step, from how he photographs and lights the homes to how he processes the images. 


Jim will show you special tips and tricks that will make your images pop, and look like they were taken for Architectural Digest or Town and Country.


Jim will also discuss how to get new agents and how to keep your agents happy and coming back.






Light Painting... Sculpting a Still Life with Light.


Light Painting is an exciting and fascinating way of lighting a subject to enhance the contours and textures of the object you are photographing.  In this program on Light Painting, Jim will show you how he lights a Still Life with LED Flashlights, to bring out the contours and detail of the subject.  Jim will then show you how to bring each image into Photoshop, one layer at a time as you build your final photograph. Join Jim and learn this unique and fascinating photographic art form.


*Learn how to compose and light your subject

*Learn how to process your images and compile them in Photoshop to create your final Light Painting

*Learn avenues for marketing and selling your Light Paintings.