Day Rate Payment

Do you want to try out PHOTO X-TREME and see what it's all about for a day? Day Passes are available for an EARLY BIRD discount for only $79 a day.  The day rate will increase to $99 a day on the day of the event. So, take advantage of the $20 off discount and sign up now! 

Students, you have a special limited time offer to attend classes and location shoots for only $25 for both Sat. and Sunday as our way to help you into a professional career with the offering of TNPPA continued photographic education!

Or, you can SAVE BIG and get an ALL ACCESS MEMBER PASS for ONLY $200 if you are an NEW ACTIVE Working Photographer, $150 if an Aspiring Photographer, $100 if a Student or $500 for a Studio Pass of up to three people. Group rates are also available at a discount.  Please contact Eddie Foley, President or Elena Ganusova, Secretary (on the contact tab of this website) for more information on registration rates.  (First time applicants will be charged a $25 ONE TIME application fee in order to process membership and registration information and materials). 

This ALL ACCESS VIP Membership includes BOTH the Spring Workshop and Fall Convention admission, so this is a GREAT value as these two events will offer you several thousand dollars of education for TOP industry speakers!  How do we offer such great education for such little money-our great SPONSORS!  We can't say enough great things about Photobiz, Dury's, Midsouth, F/32 Photo Lab, All State Insurance, Paul Buff Lighting and Tremont Lodge and Resort! Please give them a try, you will be glad you did!


Come join us and get on the road to success for your business and learn from some of the BEST photographers in the world how to be successful and incredible at what you love so much to do-PHOTOGRAPHY!