Brian Castle


Name one person that doesn’t want to look their best in front of the camera, that’s right we can’t. Unfortunately not all clients can say they have had that model experience in the past but of course we want to make them look and feel like they are ready for the catwalk, at least until they write the check. 


Photographic artist, Brian Castle will be demonstrating how to make each person who comes across your viewfinder look and feel their best to give your clients an experience like they were probably not expecting with Body Shaping Boot Camp, “Photo Style”.  Body shaping boot camp is a hands on class where we talk about the body features we want to hide, and the ones we want to find. We will discuss how to set the stage upfront with your subjects to make them feel at ease and comfortable so you can mold and shape them they way they think they look.  Also, an in-depth discussion about making someone look slimmer and trimmer by accenting the best features through angles, lighting, clothing and posing. Lastly, we will touch on how we can edit in order to hide those small details we missed during the time of shooting. 


Not everyone can be slim, trim and ready for the big screen but as professional photographic artists we can fine-tune our photographic shaping techniques to pull off some amazing images that will leave your clients feeling like a million bucks.



Brian Castle

2018 International Photographic Competition Gold Medalist

2018 PPA Southeast US District Photographic Portrait 1st Place Finisher

2018 PPA Southeast US District Top 10 out of 13 States

2018 PPA Southeast US District Photographic Sunset Award Winner
2018 PPA Southeast US District Photographic 3rd place Sunset National Award

2018 International Photographic Competition Loan Book Publication
2018 & 2017 Tennessee PPA Top 10 in the State