Aurora DeLuca

Aurora is a portrait and macro photographer based in Cary, NC. She specializes in children and newborn portraiture as well as live insect macro photos. She enjoys working with children and babies to produce classic, timeless portraits with a modern minimalist edge. Aurora has won numerous awards, receiving her Master of Photography in 2017 and her Photographic Craftsman in 2019, as well as receiving a GIA nomination in 2018 for her macro image, "Midday in the Garden". Aurora enjoys teaching other photographers the joy of producing beautiful artwork, both for their clients and themselves.

Is your first reaction when you see a bug, any bug, to grab your shoe and be rid of it? Insects seem particularly scary and alien in our eyes. However, when you start viewing them at their level, they begin to come alive. Details and colors abound in the insect world (as do some pretty remarkable behaviors. The best part is that these amazing critters are all around us, so we always have (if not willing, at least mostly indulging) subjects available to photograph. All we have to do is look in our yard! In this program, Aurora will show you the ins and outs of photographing live insects, both in the natural world and in my 'macro studio'.