TNPPA, Tennessee Professional Photographers Association, has a rich history in photographic excellence.  Established in 1951, TNPPA has provided education and resources for professional photographers, hobbyists, students and amateurs alike.   It's all about educating people on the best ways to be successful at the art of photography.  We are here to help guide you along your path as you pursue your passion and love of photography!  

We offer education with your business, marketing to your customers, and improve your technique and skills through workshops and seminars from some of the most inspiring and talented speakers in the photographic industry.  Our educational offerings appeal to seasoned professionals and amateurs alike.  We offer two multi day educational events per year which are INCLUDED with your membership.  

We offer Image Competition to help you improve your work and earn degrees offered through our merit and degree programs.  Members also have an opportunity to participate in our mentorship program.  We have monthly Webinars to educate, inspire, and encourage you as well as access to our Video Archives Library all included with your membership.

All of our educational offerings are great, but what makes us truly unique is the family like atmosphere we have created amongst our membership.  We can't wait to welcome you to our family.  

To join our wonderful association, simply click on the Membership tab above and click on the Join/Renew Membership drop-down option.  We are so glad you found us!


 "As an almost 14 year member and past president, I know that TNPPA is more than a photography organization. It’s a community of members with warm hearts and exceptional talent. Our twice a year seminars and workshops expose me to so many photographic genres and techniques. I am so blessed to have the opportunities that TNPPA gave me and the friendships that developed. " - Dorma Tabisz,  M Photog., TCD, TSD

"Being a member of TNPPA has been rewarding in so many ways! It brings together photographers across the state to learn together, improve our trade and create lasting friendships!" - Misty Westebbe, CPP

“Over the years photography has evolved, first thru science, then as a craft, next a profession, and eventually recognized and practiced as an art.  Today evolving  into an expression of the imagination, through it all TNPPA was there helping, guiding, mentoring, sharing, and teaching us all.  Because of TNPPA I have met many of my most loved friends, the memories of many great times together are my dearest treasure in life.” - Dwight A. Jewell

"The exchange of technique and business practices is great but what I love the most about the group....is the people. Everyone is so welcoming and friendly, is like a family that all happen to have cameras!" - Colby McLemore

"TNPPA is the only organization I have ever been a part of where I instantly felt welcomed and accepted.  Now it's like coming home to family." - Dana Barrett

"I have have always believed that a person who shares their knowledge is a true Professional. The TNPPA members are my friends, family, associates and very professional people. I have watched them go above and beyond to help each other, they are true Professionals. I am proud to a member of TNPPA!" - Lin B. Prabish

"Joining TNPPA has been a wonderful investment for personal and professional development. TNPPA members are friendly, welcoming, and enthusiastic about sharing their collective wealth of knowledge and expertise of the photographic industry which ranges from business and artistic skills to technical expertise. I am thrilled to be a part of this amazing group of dedicated professionals and would strongly encourage anyone who is interested in taking their photography career to the next level to consider a membership." - Karen Fox